About Us

Longhair Productions is a music management and promotions company. We are not a booking agency. It's all about exposure for the Indie artist trying to get their name out to the public. Contact me if you are interested in management or promotions. We also give management advice on all things related to the music industry. Our mission is to create both long and short term goals for indie artists and meet those goals to reach the next level. Longhair Productions offer a full range of Management Services and we strive to personalize our services to best meet the needs of our Artists. Here are the links to the official representative websites and more information. All inquiries to Kevin Dunham: longhairkev@yahoo.com

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Testimonials from Longhair's Artists/bands

Xakestar's respectable agent and manager, Kevin Dunham, established this organization in 2011, known as Longhair Productions, whose supervision, guidance and operation was the most influential factor conducive to the rejuvenation and restoration of the formerly marginalized band, Xakestar. If we had not benefited from the insightful and professionally adjusted promotional efforts of Longhair Productions, we would have been faded out and left voiceless in the harsh and cruel commotion of the contemporary music industry.